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About Us

Hello there!

My journey with mylittleshop began in 2015, when I became a stay-at-home mum and decided to finally put my crafting passion—and fashion design training—to good use. At first, my goal was to create sassy-chic stuff for fellow mummies and their little ones. 

Over the years, my heart has shifted to focus more on the designing and creating of bags that are versatile for everyday use—whether you’re a mummy or not. All my products are delicately handmade in very limited quantities at my home studio. It’s also here where I conduct workshops for just about anyone who’s keen to learn how to sew a skirt, shirt, bag and such.  

I welcome you to make your own wearable (or usable) fabric item, or simply explore what mylittleshop has to offer. 

Creating with love,


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